Wolf Sanctuary Walk

staff member, Brent Wilson smiles while a white wolf stands on his shoulders

Northern Lights Wolf Centre promotes wolf conservation through their natural environment. They value the roles these carnivores play in nature. They strive to provide one-of-a-kind, quality experience to the public as they support conservation through education.

Open Doors students and staff had the opportunity to go on a guided Blackwolf photography walk at the Northern Lights wolf sanctuary in Golden B.C.!

For this adventure we participated in an interactive wolf walks where we went on a leisurely hike with some furry members of the Northern Lights Wolf Pack. On the hike, we will joined the pack as they lead us through their natural habitat on the western slope of the Blaeberry valley where the jagged peaks kiss the skyline and glacial rivers descend through the evergreen forest. For most of the walk, the wolves were free to run and scamper through the landscape, and they treated us just like one of their own pack members!