For Families

Basic School Expectations - I agree to:

  • Respect myself, peers, staff, and school property at all times; including not swearing while in the building;
  • Follow school expectations and DTSS/OD code of conduct;
  • Participate in all school activities relevant to my program, and to work productively during class time;
  • Speak with staff in an appropriate manner regarding questions or concerns;
  • Leave school for the remainder of the morning/afternoon and accept an unexcused absence if I choose not to follow school expectations. 

Attendance - I agree to:

  • Personally, report excused absences by phone/email/text to Open Doors staff with acceptable reasons such as sickness, medical/dental, or legal appointments. A parent/guardian may be contacted to confirm.

Attendance - I understand that:

  • Attendance will be taken each block - 5x per day/20x per week;
  • I may attend on Fridays by appointment by telling a teacher or youth care worker to catch up on work. 
  • If I am LATE I will come in on the hour, to not disrupt students. If I am consistently LATE I may be asked to more to a part-time schedule. 

Drugs and/or Alcohol - I understand that:

  • During school hours (9:00-3:00pm) if I arrive smelling like alcohol or drugs, or with the appearance of someone under the influence of such substances, it will result in a discussion with staff and may result in A) being asked to leave; B) being suspended from this and other programs;
  • If there is suspicion/proof of dealing substances to other students during school hours, it is immediate dismissal from the Open Doors program.

Technology - I agree to:

  • Use technology appropriately. For example: no first person shooter games.

Other Schools - I understand that:

  • Open Doors students are not allowed at DTSS between 8:45am-3:30pm Monday to Thursday and 8:45am-1:30pm on Friday. 
  • Open Doors students may attend DTSS school dances and participate in other extracurricular activities (ex: Lakers Athletics). 

Suspension From Full Time or Academic Programs

  • I understand that I may be suspended for being disrespectful, insubordinate, noncompliant, or threatening. I may be required to meet with an administrator before I may return to Open Doors;
  • I understand that if I am not in attendance for more than 2 (two) weeks, or miss 24 blocks, even if there is an excusable reason, I will lose my full-time spot and be placed on the part-time list. 

I understand and agree with these expectations. Should I fail to live up to these expectations, I am aware that I could lose my position at Open Doors. I understand that plagiarism or cheating may also result in suspension and/or removal from the program.